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The documentation for .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) is under construction. The process for migrating a Xamarin.Forms app to .NET MAUI is expected to be: Use the .NET upgrade assistant for .NET MAUI to migrate your Xamarin.Forms projects to .NET MAUI single project, and perform well-known code namespace changes .NET MAUI is open-source and is the evolution of Xamarin.Forms, extended from mobile to desktop scenarios, with UI controls rebuilt from the ground up for performance and extensibility. If you've previously used Xamarin.Forms to build cross-platform user interfaces, you'll notice many similarities with .NET MAUI

Microsoft described .NET MAUI (.NET Multi-platform App UI) as the evolution of Xamarin.Forms because it adds desktop app support to the traditional iOS- and Android-focused development framework, among other enhancements. However, the project slipped the schedule and missed the Nov. 8 debut of .NET 6 and Visual Studio 2022 Xamarin.Forms documentation is in the process of being ported and updated to .NET MAUI, and we'll be publishing regularly from here on out. Anytime you cannot find the .NET MAUI documentation you need, check to see if there's a Xamarin.Forms doc available since most of the concepts all apply to .NET MAUI as well. Get Started Toda The Xamarin Show Jun 17, 2021 Blazor enables building client-side web UI with .NET, but sometimes you need more than what the web platform offers. Sometimes you need full access to the native capabilities of the device. You can now host Blazor components in .NET MAUI apps to build cross-platform native apps using web UI As Xamarin.Forms morphs into the new .NET MAUI offering, Microsoft is replacing Xamarin toolkits with .NET MAUI alternatives. The open source .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) is a cross-platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop apps with C# and XAML, described by Microsoft as the evolution of Xamarin.Forms. Key to that evolution is the addition of desktop development support.

Looking for things to start migrating from Xamarin to .NET MAUI? Leomaris Reyes / 30 December, 2021. Hello!!! Happy New Year!! This is my last article of the Coding Winter 2021 - C # y .NET MAUI initiative, for me, it has been a great experience and great emotion to see the reception of each of the posts!! 2022 will be a new year full. .NET MAUI uses the same control naming, layout naming, navigation patterns, and XAML features that your applications use in Xamarin.Forms. This means it will all work as-is. So what has changed? .NET MAUI uses the namespace Microsoft.Maui instead of Xamarin.Forms 将 Xamarin 应用程序迁移到 .NET MAUI 的过程应为: 使用 .net 升级助手 for .NET MAUI 将 Xamarin. Forms 项目迁移到 .NET MAUI 单一项目,并执行常见的代码命名空间更改。 更新与 .NET 6 和 .NET MAUI 兼容的版本的任何依赖项。 注册任何兼容性服务或呈现器。 构建并解决任何问题。 运行转换后的应用程序并验证它是否正常工作。 警告 目前不要将生产应用迁移到 .NET MAUI。 移植应用示例 此示例端口 按钮演示 示例。 过程如下: 创建一个新的、空的多目标 .NET MAUI 项目: .NET CLI dotnet new maui -n ButtonDemos 还原新创建的项目的依赖项: .NET CL

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NET MAUI is the next generation of Xamarin Forms, intended to allow developers to build an app once in a single Visual Studio project with a single codebase, targeting any supported device. The aim is to deliver a simplified project structure Xamarin.Forms 开发人员将使用他们已经了解和喜爱的所有相同控件和 API 来开始在 .NET MAUI 中使用新项目运行。 随着我们逐步接近 MAUI 的发布,为了帮助开发人员将现有应用平稳地过渡到 .NET MAUI,我们打算提供类似于我们今天迁移到 .NET Core 的尝试转换支持和迁移指南。 MAUI 时间线 我们将在今年晚些时候开始发布 .NET MAUI 预览版,并于 2021年11月开始面向 .NET 6 正式发布。 MAUI 将以与 Xamarin.Forms 相同的6周节奏进行发布。 我们已经在GitHub上发布了MAUI路线图,并邀请您今天就加入我们! Xamarin 和 Xamarin.Forms 的未来是什 When will Syncfusion complete the porting of the existing 155+ Xamarin UI controls over to MAUI? We are initially working on delivering the most popular and important controls from Xamarin.Forms. We expect to complete the migration of all important controls by 2022 Volume 3 (September). You can expect lot of new controls in each release Microsoft is showing its dedication to Xamarin.Forms. With .NET MAUI, Forms is taken into the .NET ecosystem as a first-class citizen. The new namespace will be System.Maui. By the way, Xamarin.Essentials, the other popular library, will take the same route and you can find that in the System.Devices namespace

Xamarin.CommunityToolkit.Markup.MauiCompat These MauiCompat libraries align to latest release of Xamarin.CommunityToolkit; the main difference being that these are for your .NET MAUI apps, whereas Xamarin.CommunityToolkit is for your Xamrain.Forms apps. Today's MauiCompat release includes support for iOS and Android The Xamarin team has been improving the dev cycle in recent years, but it hasn't been on par with Flutter and React Native. MAUI adds features to streamline this, including hot reload and hot restart — which mobile developers are familiar with from other development tools

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.NET MAUI is the .NET Multi-platform App UI, a framework for building native device applications spanning mobile, tablet, and desktop. - Migrating from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI · dotnet/maui Wik Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 and introducing .NET MAUI Essentials James July 21st, 2021 Xamarin.Essentials has become a critical library for .NET developers building apps across iOS, Android, Tizen, macOS, and Windows since its original release over three years ago

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  1. Is FreshMvvm going to support .NET MAUI? FreshMvvm has over half a million downloads and it's an extremely loved MVVM framework for Xamarin, so I think that it's important that we put in the time to ensure FreshMvvm had a .NET MAUI version. This is a port of the FreshMvvm code base, it's a new [
  2. Introduction.Net MAUI is a cross-platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop app with C# and XAML. In my previous article, we did warn welcome to Dotnet MAUI and shared information about the history of Xamarin. MAUI as everybody already knows is a name for a new upgrade solution as a Multi-platform APP UI framework for building native cross-platform apps with .Net for android.
  3. Xamarin Native applications are built in a similar way as native iOS and Android applications (with Swift and Kotlin). MAUI provides a layer of abstraction that communicates with each native platform. However, by using Xamarin.Android/iOS your app already communicates directly with your chosen platform
  4. MAUI was started as a fork of Xamarin.Forms and this is how it should be seen - as next version of Xamarin.Forms. There will be no version 6 of Forms (current is version 5). Instead, Xamarin.Forms apps will have to be upgraded to MAUI - Multi-platform App UI

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.NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) is the evolution of Xamarin.Forms that expands capabilities beyond mobile Android and iOS into native desktop apps for Windows and macOS. With .NET MAUI, you can build native apps that perform great for any device that runs Windows, macOS, Android, & iOS from a single codebase MAUI in .NET 6: Xamarin.Forms Does Desktop, but Not Linux or VS Code. Microsoft's Xamarin team detailed what's coming up for .NET MAUI, the evolution of Xamarin.Forms that will see the company take the open source, cross-platform framework for building native UIs for iOS and Android into the desktop arena -- but not to Linux. For those new to. Goodbye Xamarin.Forms, Hello MAUI! The following post was written by guest blogger Vicente G. Guzmán Lucio. From May 19 to 21, Microsoft held its Build 2020 conference, its biggest development event of the year. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic however, the conference was carried out online. It should be noted that this is the first time. MAUI Project With Renderer. Step 2: Then, create the required class files to copy and paste the renderer code from the Xamarin.Forms project. Create them under the required platform-specific folders. Refer to the following screenshot

Have you been looking to add some pizzaz to your .NET MAUI & Xamarin.Forms apps? Look no further than the built in animation system in these frameworks. You. Howdy! ‍♀️ Continuing with ☃️ Coding Winter 2021 - C # and .NET MAUI ️initiative, today is #DayFive and we will be learning about Border in .NET MAUI! Throughout our experience in Xamarin Forms, we have had the need to add Borders, and in order to achieve this, we have developed different tactics because we didn't have a direct mechanism to do it. However, this made us. .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) is an evolution of the Xamarin.Forms toolkit. With developer productivity in mind, MAUI simplifies the project structure into a single project to target multiple platforms (Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows). In this article, we'll explore MAUI and learn to build a simple to-do list app. Th

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During one of my recent lives streams I was asked what the advantages are of .NET MAUI over Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. In this Live Stream highlight I break. As stated before, MAUI means Multi-Platform App UI which is an open-source cross-platform framework. We can develop and build native Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows applications from a single code base using MAUI. MAUI is an evolution of Xamarin.Forms, which extended from Mobile to Desktop application A full day of in-depth .NET MAUI & Xamarin sessions. Not just the introduction stuff, real-life scenarios and deep dive session from experienced speakers all over the world

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As you know, .NET MAUI evolved from Xamarin.Forms with a better developer experience and better performance. Like adding a gem to a crown, .NET MAUI allows the use of dependency injection way easier than Xamarin.Forms.. In this blog, we'll see how easy it is to use dependency injection in a .NET MAUI application I recently tested Xamarin.Android NET6 performance to compare it with legacy Xamarin.Android. Two test applications use Xamarin.Forms and MAUI - a very simple layout with just a single Label, no resource dictionary. Unfortunately, MAUI appears to be approximately 100ms slower than Xamarin.Forms Este conceito é fundamental para Xamarin.Forms e .NET MAUI. Assim essas tecnologias continuarão existindo, mas serão incorporadas ao .NET 6 como cidadãos de primeira classe. Após o lançamento do .NET 6, a equipe do Xamarin lançará as versões finais dos SDKs do Xamarin como existem hoje e continuará atendendo esses SDKs e Xamarin.Forms.

Let's start! TabIndex and TabStop. Both TabIndex and TabStop are properties that help the developer control the order in which a screen reader reads each element of the user interface in Xamarin Forms. For .NET MAUI it's recommended to work with a thoughtful design approach that will allow you to order the UI specifically how you would like it to be read, this helps us avoid programming. .NET 6 preview samples. Not for production use. The main branch tracks the current preview release, and develop tracks the upcoming preview. - GitHub - dotnet/maui-samples: .NET 6 preview samples. Not for production use. The main branch tracks the current preview release, and develop tracks the upcoming preview NET MAUI is an open-source, cross-platform framework for developing mobile and desktop apps with a single, common C# codebase just like Xamarin. Forms. Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows will all be officially supported by Microsoft. MAUI also promises improved performance and tighter integration with other Microsoft tools and services Coming in November 2021 with the release of .NET 6, Microsoft will be moving Xamarin.Forms to its next evolution: .NET MAUI. MAUI is an acronym for Multi-Platform App UI. This new, evolved version of Xamarin is part of Microsoft's larger effort to bring mobile development into the .NET platform. The change brings with it performance. Building a XAML UserControl for WinUI, UWP, WPF or Xamarin.Forms (.NET MAUI) July 20, 2021 by Nick One of the powerful aspects of any XAML platform is the ability to define your own controls

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  1. Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android are now essentially .NET for iOS and Android respectively—all baked into .NET itself. .NET MAUI is the de facto .NET way of going cross-platform. The runtimes are unified in .NET 6 and tooling should inspire developer confidence
  2. Xamarin から移行すべきか. Xamarin は .NET MAUI が正式リリースされてから 1 年後にサポートが終了します。 そのため、開発したアプリケーションを長期的にサポートしたいのであれば、.NET MAUI へ移行する必要があります
  3. 08/19/2021. New layouts were announced in .NET MAUI Preview 7, and some developers are still questioning the lack of Linux support in Microsoft's next-gen evolution of Xamarin.Forms. The open source .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) is a cross-platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop apps with C# and XAML
  4. Monday, 02 August 2021. Microsoft has updated Xamarin.Essentials and has revealed its plans for Xamarin.Forms once .NET MAUI Essentials arrives this fall. Alongside more details of MAUI, Microsoft says it will end updates to the Xamarin mobile app development platform in November 2022. Xamarin has been the Microsoft technology for developers to.
  5. The final release of Xamarin.Forms will be serviced for a year after shipping, and all modern work will shift to .NET MAUI, he said. Version 5.0 is the new major version he was referring to, and active support for Xamarin Forms (any version) is scheduled to end November 2022, according to the MAUI notes on GitHub
  6. I have come to know that Microsoft will not support Xamarin anymore by the end of this year (Nov 2021) in favour of MAUI and .NET MAUI is the next generation of Xamarin Forms as well, so what will happen to Xamarin.Native apps
  7. or although obviously the further back you go the more work to make that jump

In Xamarin, it's pretty painful to access the native layer - there's a half of dozen ways to do it and none of them are straight forward. In UNO, because your projects are MultiTargeted (the direction MAUI is going), you're always working in the native layer at the same time you're working in the UNO/UWP abstraction G'day everyone, welcome to issue #332 of Weekly Xamarin - a weekly overview of what happened this past week in the Xamarin and MAUI communities. Sorry for the late publish this week, but rest assured there is a bunch of great articles and videos to dig into this week. Enjoy and stay safe, . Kym. Weekly Xamarin

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Xamarin. MAUI. I think Xamarin its a more mature framework to work with and there is a lot of documentation, but i think that will die in not a very long time and then i will have to migrate the app from one tech to another. In the other hand MAUI has note to small documentation,. Today I am going to answer your question... should I start learning C# and Xamarin.Forms today or should I wait for .NET MAUI?!?!? I break down what .NET MAU..

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  1. Maui is essentially the next evolution of Xamarin.Forms but it'll be a lot more than just a rebrand. One of the most amazing things is that it has a single project from a single codebase.No more different heads for iOS and Android! Next to MVVM, Maui will also support the new and exciting MVU (Model-View-Update) design pattern, also known as The Elm Architecture, and will get Blazor support
  2. Will .NET MAUI Support Linux? .NET MAUI, the new and improved version of Xamarin.Forms is due to launch along with .NET 6 in November 2021. And there is much anticipation. The framework is better integrated into Visual Studio and will enable developers to gracefully handle desktop applications. However, there is a small yet significant spanner.
  3. Maarten Balliauw September 17, 2020. The recording of our webinar, Xamarin, MAUI and the reactive MVVM between them, with Rodney Littles, II, is now available. Subscribe to our community newsletter to receive notifications about future webinars. Xamarin Forms is the .NET cross platform technology that allows you to write an application in C#.
  4. KYM PHILLPOTTS. G'day everyone, welcome to issue #335 of Weekly Xamarin - an wrap-up of what's happening in the Xamarin and MAUI communities. As we all settle into the new year, there has been a MAUI preview 12 release! Time to get stuck into that and investigate all the goodness. Have a app-tastic week
  5. .NET MAUI is the next generation of Xamarin Forms, intended to allow developers to build an app once in a single Visual Studio project with a single codebase, targeting any supported device.The.
  6. Maui będzie miało zmienioną architekturę wewnętrzną oraz nowe możliwości. Przez kolejne dwa lata Xamarin.Froms będzie rozwijany równolegle z Maui, dopiero gdy zostaną połączone Xamarin.Forms w ostatniej jego wersji przejdzie w fazę utrzymania i wygaszania brancha. Jednak migracja będzie tylko zmianą namespaców
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Previously, we talked about Xamarin.Forms 5, but there is a new open-source framework on the way: .NET MAUI. It stands for .NET Multi-platform App UI and it is coming to step up and replace Xamarin.Forms Upgrading Xamarin.Forms projects to .NET MAUI with upgrade assistant. December 30, 2021 by banditoth. MAUI is still in preview state, so the production apps are not recommended to upgrade to .NET MAUI. But it is important to be open to new technology, so take some time to review the update

2) MAUI, looks like little better Xamarin.Forms. Xamarin.Forms idea of using native UI controls has nothing to deal with in 2020+ The thing MS should do - port DirectX to actual platforms and come back to WPF with DX rendering backend or buy NoesisGUI & use it as rendering engine :)) What is .NET MAUI?.NET MAUI is the next step in Xamarin.Forms, the natural progression unifying the mobile and desktop development experience in a single project and extending its success on mobile to desktop applications. The biggest differences between .NET MAUI and Xamarin.Forms are: All platforms can be managed in a single projec .NET MAUI is a super tool which is the evolution of Xamarin—that's why the Microsoft team is working hard to integrate the learning obtained from Xamarin into .NET MAUI, in this way working together with the community, to make a better product from both a user and developer experience!

Microsoft Releases .NET MAUI Compatibility Packages for the Xamarin Community Toolkit. The Xamarin Community Toolkit is a collection of reusable elements for mobile development with Xamarin.Forms. Categories Developer Tags .Net 6, maui, NET, Xamarin. Older. Rainbow Six Extraction is now live on Xbox Series X and Xbox One consoles. Developers: Update your Android app for a better foldable. Let's start! 1. Keep studying all the .NET MAUI updates. So far we have 10 Previews full of resources and information obtained from the Xamarin Forms learnings, some things have improved, others remain with the same structure, and that's why it's important to keep reading, practicing, experimenting with each one of these previews, this will help you avoid having to study a lot of. Xamarin.Essentials 1.7 release is focused on critical bug fixes and enhancements to the Web Authenticator API. The WebAuthenticator is a part of Xamarin.Essentials and an SDK that enables. Xamarin platform. The Xamarin company produces an open source software platform by the same name, and Xamarin 2.0 was released in February 2013. Xamarin extends the .NET developer platform with tools and libraries specifically for building apps for Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and Windows ( UWP) primarily with C# in Visual Studio

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Do I need to purchase a license for Syncfusion MAUI controls or will the Xamarin license give us a free Syncfusion .NET MAUI license? Licenses are not needed for our preview controls. In the future, there will not be separate licenses for Xamarin and .NET MAUI since .NET MAUI is an advanced version of Xamarin Posted in .net maui Tagged future .net maui, future of xamarin, Should you learn Xamarin today or wait for .NET MAUI?, xamarin, xamarin .net 6, xamarin forms, xamarin maui, xamarin native. Published by admin. View all posts by admin Post navigation. Prev Creating A Virtual Mastermind For Your Law Firm On the GitHub wiki page of .NET MAUI, there is a detailed list that shows the .NET MAUI status and evolution. Gesture recognizers can be used to detect user interaction with views in a Xamarin. Xamarin/MAUI create mobile apps that can run on the desktop. That means a bunch of things you might want to do (like display more than one window at a time) either aren't possible or require clunkier abstractions than frameworks that make desktop apps only As an aside, in October, Xamarin.Forms 5.0 service release 6 shipped with the next set of fixes. Service release 6 includes support for Android 12 and iOS 15..NET MAUI Preview Release 10. Along with the stable release of .NET 6, last week also saw the preview 10 release of .NET MAUI

MAUI. Build 2020 大会上,微软终于正式公布 .NET 上的跨平台框架,正式版将在 .NET 6 和大家见面。 MAUI 是日益流行的 Xamarin.Forms 的进化,Xamarin.Forms 已经有6年历史了。 多年来,UPS,Ernst&Young 和 Delta 等公司一直在利用 .NET 上的 Xamarin 来推动其业务发展 2. Evolution of .NET MAUI .NET MAUI is the successor of Xamarin.Forms . Xamarin is a software company founded in 2011 by the engineers behind Mono, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.IOS . In 2016 Xamarin has been acquired by Microsoft. Latest version of Xamarin.Forms, which is 5.0 released in 2021. The next version of Xamarin.Forms is based on .NET 6 .NET MAUI is right around the corner. Like its predecessor it offers sharing most code while building for multiple platforms. This includes the UI part. Of course there are still elements that require access to the platform, like accessing the camera, or something less common like customizing HttpMessageHandler behavior on iOS. For common use-cases Xamarin.Essentials was offered to Xamarin. Due to the existing similarities between Xamarin.Forms and .NET MAUI, the migration process can be straightforward. The .NET Upgrade Assistant is a tool that currently exists to help you upgrade from .NET Framework to .NET 5. With the help of an extension on top of the .NET Upgrade Assistant, you're able to automate migrating your Xamarin.Forms. Browse other questions tagged xamarin observablecollection preview collectionview maui or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog A chat with the folks who lead training and certification at AW

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.NET MAUI Chips. Chips were recently introduced in our Xamarin Forms product suite and are now available for .NET MAUI. These small but highly functional visuals allow users to make selections, filter content, input tokens, or trigger actions If you're using Xamarin.Forms today, MAUI should be a painless transition as it represents an evolution of Xamarin.Forms - the two platforms have many similarities. For more information, see Transition to .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) Howdy! ‍♀️ Continuing with ☃️ Coding Winter 2021 - C # and .NET MAUI ️ initiative, today is #DayEight and we will be learning about Shadows in .NET MAUI! Adding shadows in our applications makes our design look more elegant and takes depth points in specific controls, in Xamarin Form we can do it using some resources such as a Custom Renderer. In this case, with .NET. The amazing .NET MAUI shirts! Not affiliated with Microsoft, all profit goes to charity User220854 posted. The maui team is integrating MVVM,ReactiveUI and MVU in the framework. I know that ReactiveUI is also a MVVM framework. But still it is different than the Xamarin.Forms MVVM.Does ReactiveExtensios can be useful with MVU architecture. What are the pros and cons of using each one of the architecture?I expect someone with knowledge of app architectures to throw light on the matter

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Xamarin.CommunityToolkit.MauiCompat is a collection of Animations, Behaviors, Converters, and Effects for mobile development with .NET MAUI. It is the .NET MAUI Compatible version of Xamarin.CommunityToolkit. This package is not used by any NuGet packages. This package is not used by any popular GitHub repositories Xamarin.Forms evolves into .NET MAUI and gains additional platform support. In addition to iOS/Android, developers will be able to build native desktop apps for Windows and MacOS—a result of maturity of tooling and confidence in platform support. The 50th State A collection of articles about developing awesome cross platform apps with Xamarin Forms and .NET MAUI. Articles in this series. Upgrading to .NET MAUI Preview 11. Dec 28, 2021 4 min read .NET MAUI Preview 11 was released a little over a week ago but it was something of a stealth release due to a late bug in Visual Studio 2022 17.1 Preview 2. Maui has been delay till next year (after the .NET 6 release). Since you are a C# dev, I would look into Xamarin.Forms which is the predecessor of .NET Maui. Microsoft has committed to an upgrade path from Xamarin to Maui (how good it is, has yet to be seen), so that would push me towards it more

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  1. 5 things for .NET MAUI devs to look forward to in 2022. The year 2021 has brought us a lot of news related to .NET 6. However, we are going to highlight some milestones that must be taken into account for next year: 1. . NET MAUI release : This year we had a working preview of .NET MAUI and a lot of announcements
  2. G'day everyone, welcome to issue #334 of Weekly Xamarin - a weekly overview of what happened this past week in the Xamarin and MAUI communities. It's now 2022 and we here at Weekly Xamarin hope everyone has had a refreshing break over the new year period and are now ready to start the new year. This weeks edition is overflowing with articles.
  3. 'Windows in MAUI? that doesn't make sense' because Xamarin.Forms never had windows. I set about to find out what IWindow was. A Xamarin.Forms Recap. Before we take a look at Windows in .NET MAUI let's refresh ourselves on view hierarchies in Xamarin.Forms. In Xamarin.Forms we have an Application class with a MainPage property which.
  4. Xamarin has been around since 2011, having a troubled and confused development history. Theoretically, it appeared to have such tons going for it, but within the planet, Xamarin has proved to be bug ridden, badly implemented, and bloated. The move to exchange Xamarin.Forms with MAUI seem to be an advanced Microsoft's part
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Xamarin facilitates cross-platform application development using C# with Visual Studio. In common language, Xamarin is a technology built upon the .NET legacy. Building applications in Xamarin is super easy if you have a basic understanding of how things in .NET and Visual Studio work Xamarin.Forms是适用于Android,iOS和UWP的跨平台移动优先框架,.NET MAUI是Xamarin.Forms的演进。 我们拥有7年的为客户提供技术支持的经验,服务对象从独立开发人员到一些全球性的大公司,我们正在改善产品的核心功能,加快UI渲染,投资研发一致的系统设计模式,并从. 07/12/2021. As Xamarin.Forms is being evolved into the new .NET MAUI mobile/desktop dev framework, Microsoft last week explained features such as a new command-line SDK workload installation experience during what the company called The Final Xamarin Podcast. .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) is a cross-platform framework for creating native. The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI was the first UI suite offering controls in Preview to enable your early experimentation with this cross-platform framework. With a growing list of 20+ controls and support for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS, our team provides you with the highest quality UI library for .NET MAUI Read about the Xamarin and .NET MAUI course in Spanish here). You can find the Xamarin course syllabus here , and as you can see, it includes 13 modules that range from the basics (configuration, controls, MVVM, databases) through intermediate topics (creation and consumption of APIs, maps, native code, push notifications) to advanced (DevOps. Installing MAUI on macOS is a manual process at the moment, and the steps, based on James Montemagno's video .NET MAUI Preview 7 - Full Windows & Mac Setup with CLI, VS Code, & Visual Studio 2022, are outlined below